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BEST (Buckeyes for Environmentally Sustainable Turfgrass Management) is the region’s premier turfgrass management training and certificate program, designed to streamline your onboarding or continued learning process.

The BEST online course is ideal for...individuals and businesses in the turfgrass industry, including lawn care and landscape professionals, athletic turf management specialists, golf course techs and more.

Developed by industry experts and backed by The Ohio State University, the online course equips your business with the tools and information to be sustainable — meeting the growing demands of the consumer market.

Participants will receive a start-to-finish course on turfgrass management, complete with 9 modules and quizzes to test retention and knowledge following each section.

Module Topics Include: 

  • Turgrass Varieties
  • Turfgrass Establishment
  • Mowing
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Management
  • Turfgrass Disease
  • Turfgrass Insects
  • Chemical Application and Safety

BEST is a tool developed to simplify your employee onboarding or training process while also helping your company implement sustainable turfgrass management practices. 

The Program Allows You to:

Streamline your onboarding or continued learning process with all-in-one turfgrass management training for employees.

Access the latest information on key topics, including turfgrass varieties, turfgrass establishment, mowing, irrigation, fertilization, weed management, turfgrass diseases, turfgrass insects, chemical application and safety and more.

Stay up-to-date on industry trends with an ever-evolving course curriculum, developed by industry experts and backed by The Ohio State University.

Access training materials anytime, anywhere with web-based course.

Market your company as BEST Approved to potential customers, showcasing a commitment to sustainability.