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2019 OTF Show Educational Tracks
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December 2-5, 2019

Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 N High St.
Columbus, Ohio  43215 


Ohio Turfgrass Foundation

Conference Preview


7 Educational Tracks to Choose From!

  • Sports and Field Management
  • Professional Lawn Care
  • General Pesticide
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Plants and Practices
  • Landscape Pests
  • Golf Turf Management
See Conference Preview for Details

Education Sessions with ODA Credits


Educational Track Topics

Featured Speakers From: Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates, The Ohio State University, Virginia Tech, Rutgers University, Oklahoma State University, Pennsylvania State University & More!



  • Organic Programs for Sports Fields
  • Baseball Field Management at PNC Park
  • Painting Logos and Lines
  • Artificial Light Systems
  • Sports Fields on a Budget
  • Breeding for Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot in Perennial Ryegrasses and Tall Fescues
  • Pesticide Laws & Labels
  • Pollinator Plants for High Cut Turf
  • New Turfgrass Varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescues for Lawns and Sports
  • Destructive Summer Diseases – GLS, Summer Patch, Pythium and Dollar Spots
  • Bermudagrasses for Cooler Climates – Are We There Yet and How to Best Use Them?
  • IPM of Sportsfield Insect Problems
  • Development of the New Training Academy at FC Cincinnati
  • Inlays: The Sin in Synthetic Turf
  • Fertility Programming for High Cut Turf-Valuable Precision is Required!
  • Calibration
  • Dealing with Excess Water and Finding Drainage Solutions
  • Glyphosate Update/Basic Safety
  • Wetting Agents for Improving Water Use Efficiency
  • Managing Dirt Surfaces: Part Science, Part Art
  • Using Compost and Natural Organic Ferlizers on Sports Field
  • Weed Management Strategies for Athletic Fields
  • The Biology and Management of Common Nuisance Critters



  • New Herbicides for Lawn Care
  • Biological and Biorational Insect Control Options for the Environmentally Sensitive Homeowner
  • Natural and Organic Control of Turgrass Diseases Combined with IPM for LCO’s
  • Tips and Tricks for Residential Irrigation Systems – Which Technology is Right for You
  • Managing Water Quality and Fertility Practices in Home Lawns-What Can be Learned From Chesapeake Bay Experiences
  • Pesticide Laws & Labels
  • Pollinator Plants for High Cut Turf
  • New Turfgrass Varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass and Tall Fescues for Lawns and Sports
  • Organic Lawn Care Update
  • Weed Control During Wet Years
  • Fungicide Rotations for Lawn Care
  • Insecticide Update for Lawn Care
  • Fertility Programming for High Cut Turf – Valuable Precision is Required!
  • Calibration
  • BMP’s for Using Imidacloprid in Lawn Care
  • Weed Control in Landscape Beds
  • Glyphosate Update/Basic Safety
  • Wetting Agents for Improving Water Use Efficiency
  • Strategies to Improve the Success of Lawn Renovations: Seed Selection, Timing and Post-Plant Care
  • Sudden Turf Loss 2018 – Why and How to Avoid in the Future
  • Grassy Weed Identification and Control Workshop



  • Diseases of Ornamental Plants: Identification and Management
  • Ornamental Bed Weed Control Options
  • Mosquito Control in and Around Landscapes
  • Controlling Noxious and Invasive Weeds
  • Pesticide Laws & Labels
  • Planting Forage for Bees: What Do Bees Really Eat?
  • Aquatic Pesticide Updates
  • Rules, Regulations and Complaints –The ODA Take
  • Turfgrass Disease ID 101 – How to Spot Problems and Manage Turfgrass Health
  • Bed Bugs: Today’s Challenges
  • Dealing with Wildlife: Raccoons, Skunks, Moles, Voles and Geese



  • Shop tour and reel grinding sessions with Chris Langley, Bernhard and Company, LTD at the Scioto Country Club
  • Small Engines, Components and Problem Solving 101
  • Tips & Tricks for Hosting a Major Event – How To Do It In The Shop
  • Welding Tricks and Tips
  • Shop Renovations - Things to Consider When You Blow It Up
  • Diesel vs. Gas Engines – Differences, Fixes and Maintenance Tips
  • Hydraulics 101
  • Electrical Components in Mobile Equipment



  • Ten Trees Everyone Should Know
  • Herbaceous Maintenance – Helpful Hints to Keep Plants Looking Their Best Throughout the Year
  • Why Trees Matter
  • Secrest Arboretum Past & Present – Plants to Know and Grow in Ohio
  • Trees for Bees
  • Winter Interest in the Landscape
  • The Value and Importance Plant Diversity in Landscapes, Streetscape, Parks, Golf Courses – What Should Be the Goal?
  • How to Implement a Scouting Program and How to Scout as Part of the Program
  • Landscaping for Birders – Your Clients that Enjoy Seeing Birds at Home
  • Must Have Annuals – Which Ones To Know and Grow
  • Perennial Power –Which Ones To Know and Grow
  • From the First Cut to the Last Cut – Important Pruning Practices That Will Make You a Cut Above
  • The Power of Knowledge – What Plant Families Can Tell You
  • Butterfly Gardens Attract More than Just Butterflies
  • Ornamental Grasses for Outstanding Landscapes
  • The Root of the Matter – Putting the Right Things to the Roots
  • Instant Color with Container Combinations
  • From Ailanthus to Zelkova: A Trip Through the Alphabet of the ‘+’s and ‘-‘s of Trees



  • ‘TICK’ Tock – Time to Stay Updated on Ticks in Ohio and What Practices to Follow
  • Plant Disease Update – A Year in Review from the OSU’s Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic in 2019
  • Nutrient Management in the Landscape
  • The Diagnostic Process: Twenty Three Questions To Help ID Pests You May Encounter
  • Pesticides and Bees – How To Protect Pollinators
  • Not Everything is Coming Up Roses – Update on Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) in Ohio
  • Who Am I? Snap Shots in the Landscape of Insects and Spiders
  • Plant Diagnostics – Hints to Help Solve Plant Pests in the Field
  • Beech Leaf Disease (BLD) – What is the Latest Information We Know and What Can You Do To Help
  • Fungi in the Landscape: Gardens and Lawns
  • Weighing in on Scales
  • Be Alert to BYGL: A Review of the Season Through BYGL Alerts
  • Which Fungi Matter to Landscape Trees?
  • Controlling Invasive Plants – What Are Your Management Options
  • Diagnosis and Management of Diseases of Annuals and Perennials in Landscape Beds
  • The ABCs of Invasive Insects (ALB, EAB, VLB, GM, SLF, HWA) – ID, Monitoring and Management Options
  • Diagnosis and Management of Diseases of Trees and Shrubs
  • Weed ID and Management Options - Unwanted Weeds You May Encounter in the Landscape



  • What We’ve Learned from 18 Years of Anthracnose Research
  • Irrigation Strategies That Will Save You the Most Water and Money!
  • Bentgrass Improvements for Golf
  • Maintaining Naturalized Grass Stands on Golf Courses
  • Sustainable Management of ABW: A Pest That Will Come Back With a Vengeance if Pushed Too Hard
  • Maximizing Annual Bluegrass Seedhead Suppression on Greens and Fairways
  • Pesticide Laws & Labels
  • Get Bent! The Ins and Outs of Fairway Renovation
  • Facelift on Classic Poa Greens – Reconstruction of greens (USGA) and grassing with Poa instead of bentgrass. Is it a fad or the real deal?
  • Bermudagrass Varieties for the North
  • Tournament Preparations Tips and Tricks
  • New Methods for Season-Long Control of Crabgrass and Goose Grass on Putting Greens
  • Clipping Collections-Been There, Wearing the T-Shirt and Here is the Sunburn
  • Fertility Programming for the Astute Golf Course Manager
  • Getting that Job
  • 20 Years of Burning and Learning with Wetting Agents
  • Global Warming and The Green Industry
  • Women in Golf Maintenance – Where We Have Come From and Where are We Going?
  • Breakfast with the USGA – The Year in Review and What We See Going Into Next Year
  • Ohio Best Management Practices –Creating Your Facility BMPs
  • First Green from the Educators Side –What Have We Learned
  • Wash Pad and Chemical Building Designs –The Quirks and Quandary’s
  • Management of Emerging Insect Pests in Golf
  • Irrigation Installation - Learning from Doing
  • Iron Cementing Layers – What is That? How Does it Manifest and How Do I Know I Have It?
  • Moss Control Updates - What Have We Learned in 2019
  • Pathology Update


For Full Speaker Information, Dates and Times Go To Conference Guide HERE



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